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In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern policing, incorporating and developing technology is not just an option; rather it is a necessity. The inauguration of the Training Branch website is a significant stride towards enhancing Sindh Police’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. This platform, comprising the Training Information Management System (TIMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and Complaint Management System (CMS), exemplifies our commitment to integrating IT solutions into our core functions. As the Inspector General of this esteemed force, I envision a future where our police force is not only equipped with advanced tools but also adept at using them to serve and protect our community better. Let us embrace these innovations with enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring that Sindh Police remains at the forefront of modern policing.

I appreciate the hard work of the command and training team particularly those who put their best in commissioning of this digital innovation which will lead the training branch to new heights of success in future.


Inspector General of Police, Sindh


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Training Branch of Sindh Police for spearheading the launch of the Training Branch’s website. This initiative is a beginning to our continuous efforts to modernize and more forward in our training processes. The Training Information Management System (TIMS) will streamline the management of trainees and trainers’ records, ensuring efficient record-keeping. The Learning Management System (LMS) will serve as a comprehensive archive for training resources and online lectures, sharing optimal learning experiences. Besides, the Complaint Management System (CMS) will facilitate effective handling of training-related complaints, ensuring swift resolutions and better redressal of grievances. This platform marks a new era in our training arena, bringing us closer to excellence.

Muzaffer Ali Shaikh PSP

Additional Inspector General of Police
Training, Sindh Karachi.


It is with the immense pride and optimism that I announce the inauguration of the Training Branch website, a pioneering initiative in the history of Sindh Police. This highly efficient digital platform, encompassing the Training Information Management System (TIMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and Complaint Management System (CMS), is designed to address and resolve the myriad challenges associated with manual handling of training affairs.

The TIMS will revolutionize the management of records for both trainees and trainers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The LMS will be an invaluable repository for training materials and online lectures, enhancing our training programs. The CMS will enable prompt and effective resolution of training-related complaints, improving overall satisfaction.

Our website is structured to provide the latest information and updates, featuring sections on International Trainings & Scholarships, National Capacity Building Courses, Basic and Promotional Courses, Passing Out & Graduations, Upcoming Events, Results, Examinations, Notifications, Policies & Standing Orders, and all Upcoming events.

This is indeed a remarkable step in the right direction, promising a future where our training processes are more efficient, transparent, and effective.

Faizullah Korejo PSP

Deputy Inspector General of Police
Training, Sindh Karachi.